Corporate Social Responsibility

Embracing a commitment to respect for human values, societal development, and the encouragement of entrepreneurship stands at the core of our organizational philosophy. We believe in fostering an environment that upholds the dignity and well-being of individuals, actively contributes to the progress of society, and champions the spirit of entrepreneurship through meaningful support and encouragement.

By adopting the mantle of a responsible "citizen," MYTIS TRANSPORT not only signifies its interest and sensitivity towards upholding human values but also actively contributes to the development of society, supports entrepreneurship, safeguards and preserves our culture, and takes strides in protecting the environment. The embodiment of these principles manifests in the establishment of a corporate culture that reflects the company's unwavering commitment to operating responsibly across critical pillars of sustainable development. These pillars encompass the Market, Shareholders, Employees, Society, and the Environment. This commitment underscores MYTIS TRANSPORT's dedication to making a positive impact in all areas essential to fostering a sustainable and responsible business ethos.

The fundamental components of our corporate culture are delineated in the Group's "Code of Business Conduct and Ethics." This document articulates the principles of corporate governance embraced by the Group and underscores the core values upheld by both employees and management. These values include Transparency, Integrity, Commitment, Trust, Teamwork, and Creativity. Our commitment to these guiding principles ensures a workplace culture that prioritizes ethical behavior, accountability, collaboration, and innovation.

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Nurturing Humanity: Our Social Commitment for a Better Tomorrow

MYTIS TRANSPORT undertakes a fully human-centered operation, with the main corporate priority being safety and health at work. We provide the necessary Personal Protective Equipment, provide appropriate training, and constantly monitor the application of safety rules by our employees and partners.


The company, guided by mutually beneficial practices, actively promotes the development of employees by providing targeted training to enhance their knowledge and skills. Our commitment to a people-oriented operation is evident in the implementation of rules that safeguard equality, addressing differences related to gender, religion, and race. Furthermore, we unequivocally reject any form of forced or illegal labor, underscoring our dedication to ethical and responsible business practices. 


The Management rigorously adheres to these fundamental principles, seamlessly integrating them into the everyday conduct of our employees.

Environmental Stewardship: Our Pledge to Sustainable Practices and Conservation Efforts

The protection and care of the environment is also an important concern for us.

We are implementing a strategy for sustainable development. 

Therefore, we have initiated the installation of photovoltaic systems, the substitution of traditional electric lamps with energy-efficient LED lights, the incorporation of low-energy systems, the optimization of combined transport routes for return trips with loads, and the implementation of digital cloud technologies.

In addition, MYTIS META TRANSPORTES applies systematic and documented recycling policies for each type of solid waste that arise as a consequence of the company's activities, such as recycled materials, batteries, etc., while it systematically monitors its electricity and water consumption.

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